Our vision is a determinedly small and hands-on operation. It is our intention to deliver a standard of service that is unique and results in high levels of customer satisfaction.


Our vision is to work with architects who transform design ideas into reality and create interiors that are daring. Our vision is to find consultants, fabricators, builders, landscape architects, and other collaborators who contribute to the work's success by contributing their vision. We believe that bringing together creative minds multiplies the expressive possibilities of a project. We test new ideas and push the limits. Our company is an incubator for emerging talents and a place to nurture talent.

We bring strong personal convictions to the design process.

We care about how our clients live in their homes, and our prevalent goal is to provide a self-assured home that protects and provides comfort. We help our clients articulate their innermost dreams and we work to create a home that is consistently intelligent.

We enhance the richness of the landscape and provide contemplation of nature.

Wherever possible, we save old-growth trees and integrate nature into our work.

The high quality of our construction is a defining element of our homes. Mies van der Rohe believed that God is in the details. We agree In every detail, both large and small, we care about specific materials, good proportion, joints and finishes. 

We seek to use materials that age beautifully,

and we believe that process enhances the interior. We avoid materials that appear perennially "new" and perfect. We are mindful of how our feet will wear down stair treads, how sun and weather erode surfaces, how wood cracks and ages to a silvery gray color.