In this, her 17th house, Carol Isaak Barden adheres to the philosophy of concealment, creating very interior architecture. "From the street, you see very little, but as you pass through the gate, the house reveals itself bit by bit," she says. Scott Strasser, who is known for simple modern spaces with beautiful details, has designed the house, expressing himself in as few gestures as possible.

Known for her warm Pacific Northwest design, the ex-Seattleite has commissioned The House of Many Gardens, a two-story, 5,000 s.f. home that has uninterrupted garden views from the entrance, from the living and dining room, off the kitchen and even the master bath. A garden view is visible from the powder room, and a garden is adjacent to the first floor guest suite/office. The home has a spacious catering kitchen designed for someone who likes to entertain, and the master suite has a packing station for the frequent traveler.